S a n d e  Paris is a brand born in 2017, under the leadership

of Sandrine D., who has been working for many years in the

luxury industry.

Her inspiration and her creativity come from the stones

themselves, their color, their transparency, their shape.

She imagines jewelry around these beautiful gems playing

with shapes, contrasts and asymmetries.

As she likes to say, all these pretty stones tell us their

history, their symbolism, that past civilizations have left us.

Assembled in long necklaces, chokers or earrings, the

creative association of gemstones shapes each and every

time a unique piece, ready to release its power full properties

− Emotion, Sensuality and Energy − to its bearer.

Jewelery knowledge - Each piece is handcrafted by jewelers artisan in Paris. 

The base of the piece is brass or silver, and are 24K gold plated, by a Parisian workshop with a know-how  recognized for over 150 years.