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Necklace composed of magnificent Amethyst stones, baroque shape, in its center
a Crystal pendant, and Turquoise and Pink Quartz stones,
Adjustable 24k gold-plated chain.


Originally used as an ornamental stone, the Amethyst stone was first mined for decorative purposes by Etruscans and Egyptians. It was also used during the 18th century to make staples and brooches. Today, the Amethyst stone is still considered a precious stone, which has earned it in the past its emphasis on many valuable goods (British crown, Egyptian crown, Russian crown, etc ...). Because of its color and the beauty of its brilliance, it is still among the stones the most requested.

In lithotherapy, the Amethyst stone is considered the stone of humility and the stone of wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. Also, this stone plays a great role and promotes meditation, concentration but also spiritual elevation. It is also responsible for soothing anger, fear, anxiety, anxiety, sadness and grief.

Heart Pendant Size: 3 cm

Necklace Size : 46 cm adjustable

Référence : CO.JO.AM.C.YG

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Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted with natural semi precious stone, with variable color and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.

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