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Necklace Pendant "snake" chain, 24 K gold plate with 1 rough Citrine stone
detachable pendant. 3 ways to wear this pendant necklace.


Known since 500 BC, citrine stone has been appreciated since Greek antiquity. 
At that time, citrine was considered a lucky charm, or at least was used to combat 
evil eye and protect oneself from reptiles. Meanwhile, the Roman Empire used it 
regularly to craft engraved stones with reliefs such as citrine pendants and 
cabochons. Citrine stone’s primary virtues are of happiness and abundance.

Necklace Lenght: 49 cm and 45 cm

Pendant Size: 3 cm

Référence: CP.C.YG

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Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted with natural semi precious stone, with variable color and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.

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