Bangle Tam Tam

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Bangle with one Crystal stone and one Sea Bamboo bead, 24K gold-plated.

Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted, in our work-shop in Paris.


Crystal stone is part of the quartz family, it is a colorless quartz 
essentially composed of silicon dioxide. The use of crystal for its therapeutic 
and esoteric virtuesis recounted in a number of ancient texts (Bible, Pline l'Ancien ...)
Quartz brings vitality and comfort. It allows to unlock and channel energies, and 
eliminates negativity. It is the symbol of purity, and more particularly of spiritual purity.

Diameter :  around 6 cm

Reference : J.TAM.C.YG 

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Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted with natural semi precious stone, with variable color and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.

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