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24K gold plated pendant, with natural Agate.
Without necklace.

Each Agate is with variable color - Each Agate is unique.

Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted, in our work-shop in Paris.


Agate "Turitelle" is a "protective" stone - The Agate takes its name from the
river Akhatês, 
today the Dirillo, in the south of Sicily, where it was in abundance.
It is the Greek philosopher Theophrastus who gave him his name.

Present in many parts of the world and rich in its beautiful colors,it was used as 
early as Antiquity: in Egypt and Mesopotamia, among the Hebrews, as well as by 
the peoples of the Indus Valley and then the Greeks and the Romans. 
They made jewels and ornaments, like vases, or cult objects. Among the Celts, 
she is associated with Ceridwen, goddess of fertility and death. 
Pliny the Elder mentions in his book "Natural History" Agate Pyrrhus, which 
would have represented, thanks to the natural drawing of its colors, 
Apollo playing the lyre as well as the nine Muses ...

Total length of the pendant
: 5 cm

Reference P.CE.A.YG

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Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted with natural semi precious stone, with variable color and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.

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