One Hoop Earring Pendant Cherry

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One 24K Hoop Earring Clip or pendant with :
1 Carnelian drop
and 1 Loop of green agate.

Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted, in our work-shop in Paris.


Carnelian frequently accompanies emerald, turquoise and
lapis lazuli in ancient Egypt. This blood red stone, colorrising and
setting sun, symbolizes earthly life and the passage in the other world. It also
represents the disk of solar gods that will become the halo of new religions.
This sacred emblem caps the god Re, Isis and his son Horus with a falcon's head,
Uræus the female cobra, and Hathor the horned goddess. We know a wonderful
example with the breastplate of Tutankhamun exhibited at the Cairo Museum.

The carnelian symbolizes blood and vitality. It has always been positive and
protective effects, especially towards women, children and the elderly.

Hoop earring diameter: 2 cm
Diameter of the loop : 1,3 cm
Total length of the carnelian stone
: 5 cm

Reference : 1CRP.CH.YG

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Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted with natural semi precious stone, with variable color and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.

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