Hoop Earrings Gigi

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Earrings 24K gold-plated with pearls of Pink Agate.


Agate (SiO2) is part of the family of chalcedonies, which are in turn
microcrystalline varieties of quartz. She is the gem of the Earth, which
connects us to her strength and beauty. His name evokes a Greek word
for "what is beautiful and good". Agate represents material life in its
positive aspect. Anchor stone, it brings stability. Its action is slow,
it should be worn for long periods.

Aventurine is a quartz that owes its green color to inclusions of
fuschite (chromium mica). Associated with pink quartz on the heart chakra,
it calms the excesses of affectivity and agitation. Aventurine helps us out
confused situations.

Diameter: 3 cm

Reference: C.G.AR.YG

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Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted with natural semi precious stone, with variable color and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.

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