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Black Silver Chain with a cross Pendant, 24K gold-plated gold-plated.The pendant is adjustable . Length : 39,5 - 45 cm Pendant Size: 4 cm Référence : CO.PE.CR.YG

145,00 €

One Pair of 24K Gold plated or Silver Plated Hoop Earring Clip, with 2 drops, 1 Gold Quartz1 Silver QuartzEach earring can be wearing like a pendant too.Each unique piece is individually hand-crafted, in our work-shop in Paris.Symbolic:  The Quartz says rock crystal still plays an important role in the magical beliefs and practices of many tribal...

215,00 €

Sterling silver 925 chain necklace with one pendant-charm, 8 shape, 24K gold-plated.In Greek mythology, Helios (ancient Greek Ἥλιος / Hếlios) is the god of the Sun personified, often depicted with a radiant crown.Symbolic: The scientific name "silver" originates from the Latin "argentum" which derives from the Greek word "argyros" − meanning "sparkling...

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