Sea bamboo Coral  

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Sea Bamboo coral and turquoise pearls, and 24K gold-plated chain.The length of the necklace is adjustable with a snap hook. Symbolic: Turquoise was already venerated Egyptians like “hones wisdom”. In the tradition Tibetan, one implemented it like hones prayer and of meditation. This Turquoise is a variety very close to chrysocolla on the energy level. It...

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Necklace with Shells, sea bambou beads with 24K gold-plated beads and brass string.The length of the necklace is adjustable with a snap hook. Symbolic :Life protector; in Tibetan Buddhism, symbolizes hearing; one of the eight emblems of good luck in Chinese Buddhism.Length : adjustable from 39 cm to 46 cm Référence : CO.CO.CO Pendant Size : 3 cm

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24K gold-plated sea shell pendant and chaine, with Pink Quartz and Sea Bamboo beads. This long necklace could be easily adjusted like a short or Long necklace, with the double clasp. Symbolic: The pink color of Quartz Pink is yielded by titanium and iron traces i the stone. Quartz Pink, soft and alleviating, rebalances the Heart Chakra when it suffers...

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